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NYSACRA Technology Information Center:

Welcome to the NYSACRA Technology Information Center.  The mission of our center is to provide resources on assistive technology and to be available for technical support if needed.  In this constantly changing world of technology it is important for members to share resources.  Please feel free forward resources, events and new products to Carol Napierski at

NYSACRA Technology Committee

Mission Statement- To research and report on ways to promote technology that will enhance the delivery of services to people with disabilities and help the agencies that support them.


Assistive Technology:
AT device is an item, piece of equipment, or product system, whether acquired commercially, modified, or customized, that is used to increase, maintain, or improve functional capabilities of individuals.  Assistive technology service means a service that directly assists an individual in selection, acquisition, or use of an assistive device.
Mainstream Technology:
Technology devices such as tablets, SmartPhones, PDA and laptops, broadly categorized as mobile personal computing devices that be purchased in stores or on line. These devices should have hardware on the device that allows people to connect to the internet and install applications to customize the devices further for a particular need.
Assistive Technology Vendor Equipment:
Specialized equipment that can only be purchased through an AT vendor. Equipment such as; medication dispensing devices and telehealth units to name a few
Education / Journal Articles:
Resource Links:
Ability Beyond: Not for profit agency located in NY and CT At Ability Beyond we discover, build and celebrate the ability in all people. Every minute of every day, Ability Beyond helps to break down barriers. Ability Beyond has an active Resource Center for Technology Innovations
Assistive Technology Industry Association: The ATIA is the global leader in assistive technology (AT) education and research and the premier organization for AT manufacturers, sellers and providers.
Coleman Institute: Ther mission is to catalyze and integrate advances in science, engineering, and technology to promote the quality of life and independent living of people with cognitive disabilities.
Consumer Technology Association: Innovation is born out of research and data. The consumer technology industry relies on CTA for cutting-edge market research and forward-looking industry standards.
New York State Assistive Technology (TRAID) Program: The TRAID Program’s mission is to coordinate statewide activities to increase access to and acquisition of assistive technology in the areas of education, employment, and community living and information technology/telecommunications
The ARC Tech Toolbox:  The Arc's Tech Toolbox™ is a place to find, share, rate and review technology for people with intellectual or developmental disabilities (I/DD).
University at Buffalo Center for Assistive Technology:  The Center for Assistive Technology (CAT) explores the functional utility of Assistive Technology (AT) devices and services in support of persons with disabilities.
Technical Support for AT questions please contact Carol Napierski at the NYSACRA offices at or 518-449-7551

Webinar Inforamtion:

April 18, 2017- What enabling technology is and why it is important to those we support

May 16, 2017- Understanding the types of technology that are most commonly used.

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Enabling Technology.


Evolving through the use of technology.