Info Centers

NYSACRA provides its members with timely information and tools in the following areas:

Workforce: NYSACRA is keenly aware that the quality of everyday life for individuals with developmental disabilities hinges on the presence of a caring, knowledgeable, and professional direct support workforce. As such, NYSACRA is committed to ensuring that such a workforce is developed, sustained, recognized, and celebrated. In the Workforce Info Center you will find information about NYSACRA's Workforce Committee; our workforce related activities and products, including advocacy efforts, publications, and training opportunities; and other organizations which share in NYSACRA's commitment. Members only.

Individualized Supports: NYSACRA's strategic plan calls for exploration of new service paradigms as part of its overall goal to shape the industry, by helping agencies to develop individualized services and supports. NYSACRA participates in a variety of activities to help make quality, customer-directed supports available to more people with developmental disabilities. In the Individualized Supports Info Center you will find information on the Learning Institute, individualized shared living, stakeholder collaboration and self-advocacy. Open to the public.

Policy and Legislative Advocacy: The NYSACRA Committee analyzes, reviews, proposes and influences policies, practices and regulations affecting services to people with developmental disabilities and the agencies that provide services and supports to them. The Policy and Legislative Advocacy Info Center presents position papers as well as legislative, regulatory, budgetary and advocacy and voting information. Members only.

Quality Info Center: "Quality" can mean many things when supporting people with developmental disabilities, and our definition is inclusive of all aspects: a good life in the community, but also a system that follows the rules, constantly strives to fix mistakes, and works to make itself better. The Quality Info Center will provide you with information about NYSACRA's Quality Committee; our activities related to quality assurance and improvement, as well as program certification and corporate compliance; and, links to related resources and organizations that share in NYSACRA's commitment to quality. Members only.

Technology Info Center: The Technology Info Center provides research and reports on ways to promote technology that will enhance the delivery of services to people with disabilities and help the agencies that serve them. Under Development.

Education and Training Info Center: NYSACRA is committed to quality discourse regarding educational opportunities for all levels of staff that care for people with developmental disabilities. The Education and Training Info Center provides information on NYSACRA's Management Development Series, special focus conferences, crucial topics that arise during the year, an annual conference that supports education, networking, and sharing of "best practices" and innovative solutions, and a leadership conference that is geared toward executive-level management focusing on organizational knowledge. Members only.